2010 Sixth CW and High Average Power RF Workshop

The Sixth CW and High Average Power RF Workshop will be held at ALBA, Barcelona, Spain, on May 04 - 07, 2010. The goal of this workshop is to share experiences among designers and users of CW and high average power RF systems that utilize high-power klystrons, gridded tubes, combined solid-state architectures, high-voltage power supplies, high-voltage modulators, high-power combiners, power couplers and tuners. New ideas for high-power RF system upgrades and novel ways of RF power generation and distribution will also be discussed.

The workshop sessions will take place from May 04 till May 07 with a visit of the ALBA facility.

The workshop is held in the Maxwell Auditorium, at ALBA. The registration desk at the entrance of the Auditorium will open on Tuesday morning at 08h30.

In order to meet the conditions of the CELLS-ALBA safety regulations, we ask you to follow the next steps:

1) First day: You must identity yourself (ID card or Passport) at the control entrance.
2) At this moment, you will get a personal badge at the control entrance.
3) Enter / exit during workshop period: use the magnetic badge when passing through the security post.
4) Last day: When leaving, your last day, please return the personal badge at the control entrance.

CWRF2010 Sponsorship:

THOMSON Research Instruments THALES
THOMSON Research Instruments THALES
Early registration deadline  
March 15th 2010
Late Registration deadline  
April 5th 2010
New Abstract submission deadline  
April 26th 2010